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EAN-007OC Stock Horse Training A to Z: Individual Online Course
stock horse individual online training

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Product Code: EAN-007OC

Stock Horse Training A to Z is an online 12-part video series designed to be a self-tutorial learning experience to give older youth and adults, who are experienced at basic riding and horse handling, a step-by-step guide to the training of western performance horses.  Instruction starts with basic round pen work and goes all the way to more advanced training maneuvers such as lead changes, stops and spins. Methods described in this series are consistent with those used by many professional horse trainers, but emphasize the overall safety and welfare of both the horse and rider. Safety of young people and novice horse owners are of always of utmost importance. If viewers are not comfortable with or not familiar with any of the techniques shown in this video series, it is highly recommended that they seek professional help from a qualified horseman.