EMKT-5005: 2-1-1 Emergency Fact Sheet
emergency fact sheet

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Email: CRice@ag.tamu.edu

Product Code: EMKT-5005

Electronic download only. Do you have an evacuation plan for the Texas Gulf Coast hurricane season? If you have a disability or other health condition that requires an ambulance or other special vehicle to leave your home or if you have no other way to evacuate and no one to help you, you should register with the Texas Information & Referral Network by calling 2-1-1 to arrange for evacuation for yourself, a loved one, and any pets or service animals. The Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network are working with state and local emergency management officials to help make everyone aware that there is a way to get out of the storms path. Go to: EMKT-5005S to order a free electronic download in Spanish. (8 1/2 x 11 color flyer, two-sided)  By: Janie Harris, Dave Mayes