AS 3-2.032: The Texas 4-H Horsemanship Leader Guide
the texas 4-H horsemanship leader guide

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This book is the definitive guide to training horses, especially with youth riders in programs such as 4-H. It takes into account the varied skill levels of riders and horses. Topics covered include haltering, tying and horsemanship from the ground; grooming; hoof and leg care; bits and equipment; bridling, saddling, mounting and dismounting; longeing and bitting up; ground driving; body position; rein aids; stops; backing; gaits and leads; circles, arcing and counter arcing; lateral bending; collection and extension; rollbacks and turnarounds; speed control; transitions and simple lead changes; and flying lead changes. For each topic there are specific objectives, lesson plans and drills. The emphasis is on using proper technique and following safety guidelines as riders and horses move from basic to advanced skills. (478 pp., numerous color photos, illustrations and diagrams) By: Pete G. Gibbs, Teri  J. Antilley, Michael Benefield