E4-H-FN1-1: Winning With Nutrition: A 4-H Sports Nutrition Curriculum
4-H nutrition information sheet

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Product Code: E4-H-FN1-1

Free electronic download Only. This curriculum engages young athletes in learning the importance of proper nutrition and hydration for maximum athletic performance and for general health and well-being. The five lessons cover Eating for Excellence, Hydration, Game Day Dining, Performance Robbers--smoking, alcohol, and inadequate sleep, and Food Fads and Facts. Each lesson has fun activities for students. There is background information for teachers on dietary supplements and illegal substances. (62 pp.)   By: Paula Butler, Josie Castillo, Mandi Seaton, Chelsea Stevens, Sarah Hinkle, Susan Ballabina, Amanda Drennan, Alyson Hoffman, Meko Miller, Jeannette Milstead, Carrie Sharp, Courtney Dodd