WF-069A: Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds (CD only)
Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds (CD only)

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Publication Date: 2008 June

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Although originally created as a math and science curriculum for high school students, this lesson is an excellent guideline for landowners, anglers and pond managers interested in managing for better largemouth bass fishing in private waters throughout the state.  Emphasis is placed on determining landowner/angler goals for the fishery and how to assess and improve habitat quality and quantity and fish populations present.   Several case history studies walk the user through various assessments in order to troubleshoot habitat and fish population problems, then offer research-based recommendations on how to improve fishing by eliminating limiting factors that prevent a largemouth bass population from reaching its full potential.  This CD contains the curriculum in digital format as well as powerpoint of common fish species in Texas. Don’t let Texas high schoolers have all the fun….........Get your copy and begin managing your private water in order to shorten the time between bites today!   By:  Billy Higginbotham, Melissa Clifton