E-264: Citrus Greening Guide
citrus greening guide

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Publication Date: 2012 January
Email: d-appel@tamu.edu

Product Code: E-264

Electronic download only. Citrus Greening (CG), or Huanglongbing, is a devastating bacterial disease that affects the production, quality, and appearance of citrus trees. While it has not yet been found in Texas, people need to look for signs of CG to prevent it from getting a foothold in the state. This tip sheet contains images of the Asian Citrus Psyllid, the insect which is a vector of the bacterium that causes citrus greening.  It also shows photos of CG symptoms that may appear on leaves and branches of the tree and on its fruit. Go to: E-264S to order a free electronic download in Spanish. Go to: E-264V to order a free electronic download in Vietnamese. (2 pp., 9 color photos, 1 illustration) By: Greta Schuster, Kevin Ong, Ron French, Sheila McBride