EWF-066: Counting Quail
Counting Quail booklet

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Product Code: EWF-066

This item is a free electronic download.  Landowners and managers need a way of estimating quail populations to determine whether quail management practices are successful. Several direct and indirect methods of counting quail are described, including roadside counts, helicopter surveys, covey flush rates, drive counts, line-transect counts, mark-recapture, call counts, age ratios, and dummy nests. Go to: WF-066 to order printed copies in English. Go to: WF-066S to order printed copies in Spanish .Go to: EWF-066S to order a free electronic download in Spanish. (12 pp., 7 photos, 4 graphs, 3 illustrations)  By: Neal Wilkins, Dale Rollins, Dean Ransom, Jason Brooks