WF-011: Eastern Wild Turkey in Texas: Biology and Management
Eastern Wild Turkey in Texas: Biology and Management information sheet

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This publication provides information on Eastern Wild Turkey biology and management in Texas. It explains the history of wild turkey and their known ecoregions. Physical characteristics, nesting and brooding behavior, and effects of predators on Eastern Wild Turkey are also addressed. This publication offers habitat management techniques to improve nesting and brood-rearing success, such as brush management and timber thinning, prescribed burning, grazing and predator control. Go to: EWF-011 to order a free electronic download. (20 pp., 27 photos, 25 figures, 4 tables.)   By: Blake Alldredge, Jason B. Hardin, Jay Whiteside, Jason L. Isabelle, Scotty Parsons, Dr. Warren C. Conway, and Dr. James C. Cathey.