E-353: Evaluating Cotton Seed Quality
cotton seed quality information sheet

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Product Code: E-353

Electronic download only. High-quality cotton seed is critical for establishing good stands. Over the last several years, producers have scrutinized costs and benefits of numerous new cotton varieties. With the increase in cost of most current cotton varieties and the use of new planting equipment, many producers are reducing seeding rates, placing even more importance on planting high-quality seed. Many growers have opted to continue planting conventional cotton varieties and have continued saving seed to have it delinted, treated and bagged for planting the following season. Producers who plan to save seed from conventional varieties are advised to evaluatr seed quality before the planting season, using procedures such as the free fatty acid test, germination tests and the cool-warm vigor index. This publication explains these two procedures and how to get them done for your seed. By: Randy Boman