EDL-090: G6S FAQ
EDL-090: G6S FAQ

Publication Date: 2017 January
Email: mary-cass@tamu.edu

Product Code: EDL-090

Free electronic download only.  The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory offers a wide range of state-of-the-art diagnostic tests for hundreds of species, including cattle, equine, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and wildlife. This publication describes what G6S is and why you should test: Caprine Mucopolysaccharideosis-IIID is a lysosomal storage disorder, caused by a genetic mutation which results in a defective G6S enzyme. The only method for testing for this genetic defect is with a DNA test identifying the causative point mutation. Goats should be tested prior to breeding to minimize the risk of future kids born with this heritable defect. G6S deficient goats may present with neurological deficiencies, which negatively affects growth and development, and can often lead to early death.  2 pages