ESC-012: TWON: Hydraulic Fracturing and Your Private Water Well
hydraulic fracturing information sheet

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Product Code: ESC-012

Under current regulations and when the drilling process is managed properly, hydraulic fracturing is unlikely to harm your well water. However, the owner of a private water well who uses it as a source of drinking water is responsible for ensuring that the water is safe for consumption. Because the quality of well water can change, private well owners should have a water sample tested to serve as a baseline and then test periodically thereafter (typically once a year) to monitor the quality of water in their wells. This publication lists the recommended tests for water from wells near natural gas or oil development wells. Go to: SC-012 to order printed copies. 4 pp., 1 table. By Kristine A. Uhlman, Diane E. Boellstorff, and Mark L. McFarland, Drew M. Gholson, and John W. Smith