JMG-020: Suck-a-Bug Kit
Suck-a-Bug Kit

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This JMG Junior Master Gardener classroom kit includes the materials needed for students to make a set of insect aspirators known as Bug Suckers. Insect aspirators act as miniature bug vacuums that allow students to collect a small insect that is too small or too fragile, or even a stinging insect, without ever having to touch it. Kids will love hunting and capturing tiny specimens and being able to study their finds up close. The kit contains the supplies for 25 students, an accompanying lesson, and a reproducible worksheet to guide students to collect their specimens in a Mini Insect Collection of those smallest creatures that are a part of the composting process.  All insect aspirator containers are pre-punched for quicker and easier use in your classroom!  Please do not choose an envelope delivery method for this kit.  By: Randy Seagraves