E-37S: Quemas prescritas de pastizales en Texas
E-37S: Quemas prescritas de pastizales en Texas

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Publication Date: 2001 June
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Product Code: E-37S

Electronic download only. Prescribed burning is an effective brush management technique for improving pasture accessibility and increasing the production of forage and browse. Fire also suppresses most brush and cactus species. This bulletin discusses how to plan and implement a prescribed burn, including predicting fire and weather behavior, topography, fuel, firing techniques, fire containment, safety precautions and costs. A graph illustrates factors that influence prescribed burning and a table shows the relationship between range conditions and optimum use of brush management practices. Go to: E-37 to order a free electronic download in English.
(10 pp., 1 graph, 1 table, 5 illustrations) By: Larry D. White, C. Wayne Hanselka   (Spanish version)