EPLP-033: Rapid Decline of Post Oaks in Texas
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Publication Date: October 2016
Email: d-appel@tamu.edu

Product Code: EPLP-033

Electronic download only.  During 2016, a dramatic increase in the incidence and severity of post oak mortality occurred throughout much of Texas—a scenario called “rapid decline of post oaks.” Recent episodes of severe drought combined with fluctuating periods of extreme, unseasonal flooding created conditions for outbreaks of diseases and pests that, under normal conditions, do not kill trees. The solutions to these problems lie in preventing repeated exposure to stressful growing conditions. This publication explains the symptoms of rapid decline in post oaks, the environmental factors that contribute to it, and ways to help control it. Authors: Sheila McBride and David N. Appel. (4 pp., 6 photos)