New!  EHT-137: Super-repellent Hydrophobic Coating with Bacterial Anti-contact and Anti-microbial Characteristics
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Publication Date: New March 2021

Product Code: EHT-137

Free electronic download only. Each year, bacterial pathogens cause millions of global contamination cases that result in illness and death. The development of surface coating strategies to inhibit the attachment and growth of bacteria has received increased attention from researchers. This article describes a new coating for aluminum surfaces that relies on the controlled fusion of muramidase (a lysozyme enzyme) into the surface spaces of a thin film based on silica nanoparticles and the sequential adsorption of an organofluorosilane compound. (Author(s): Joseph Masabni; Shuhao Liu; Jeremy Zheng; Li Hao; Yagmur Yegin; Michael Bae; Beril Ulugun; Thomas Taylor; Luis Cisneros-Zevallos; Jun Kyun Oh; Mustafa Akbulut. 3 pages, 4 figures.)