E-265V: Citrus Disease Guide: The Quick ID to Emerging Diseases of Texas Citrus (Vietnamese)
citrus disease guide in vietnamese

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Publication Date: 2012 January
Email: d-appel@tamu.edu

Product Code: E-265V

Electronic download only. Master Gardeners, citrus enthusiasts, and homeowners can use this handy reference tool to rapidly identify potentially damaging pathogens for management of citrus diseases.  The guide describes and illustrates five citrus diseases: Citrus Greening, Citrus Black Spot, Citrus Canker, Melanose, and Sweet Orange Scab.
Go to: E-265 to order a free electronic download in English. Go to: E-265S to order a free electronic download in Spanish. (12 pp., 23 color photos, 1 illustration) By: Greta Schuster, Kevin Ong, Ron French, Sheila McBride