WF-033: Wild Pigs and Ticks: Implications for Livestock Production, Human and Animal Health
Wild Pigs and Ticks booklet

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This publication provides information on wild pigs and ticks and addresses concerns related to the potential role of wild pigs in transmitting tick-borne illnesses to livestock, wildlife and humans. It explains the types, life cycles and distribution of ticks commonly found on wild pigs in Texas and details the associated illnesses with each tick species of concern. It describes the economic impacts of tick-borne illness in livestock and addresses control strategies to reduce overall tick abundance. Also explained are symptoms of tick borne illness, instructions for proper tick removal and precautions that can be taken when handling wild pigs or recreating in outdoor areas where ticks may be present. (16 pp., 4 photos, 12 figures, 2 tables). By: Josh Helcel, Dr. Pete Teel, Mark Tyson, James Cash, Dr. Terry Hensley and Dr. James C. Cathey.