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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Faculty and Staff
Does the Bookstore still bill the counties for their priced orders?
  Yes, we are happy to bill our Texas A&M AgriLife Extension counties and program units for their orders.  Choose Purchase Order and enter your PO number or, if your office does not use POs, enter your initials and the date. Example: TE09012013.  You will receive a confirmation of your order through the online system and your AgriLife Fiscal Office invoice will arrive in approximately 10 days.  You may pay by county check, but if you pay with other organization funds, please go online to  and verify the sales tax exemption status of that organization before mailing the check.  If not exempt, tax will be assessed.
How should counties/departments/districts format their address?
  The Bookstore ships most materials via FedEx using online, integrated live rates to obtain the best price possible. The company name should be your Department Name, County Name, or District # followed by "Extension" (ex: Brazos County Extension, 4-H Extension Office, District 9 Extension Office). Please DO NOT add any other details to the company name.  The first "address line" may state Texas A&M AgriLife Extension or your program unit (Better Living for Texans, EFNEP, etc.) if you wish.   Include complete physical delivery addresses such as 3100 Bing Lane, Suite 209 ON ONE LINE to eliminate address change chargebacks from the carriers.
Publications that were free to agents are showing a price. Do I have to pay for those?
  Publications that were previously provided to county agents will still be provided for free.  You must enter the quantity and drop them into your cart.  Once you do so, you should see 0.00 as the price.  This applies to both print publications and electronic downloads.  PLEASE NOTE - if you ordered an electronic publication that is for sale to the public, if will be free to internal Extension personnel; however, the order must be processed through our office before you will be able to download.  Note:  shipping charges may also show on your order.  Those charges will be removed by the Bookstore staff for any publications that are free to the agent.
Why am I being charged shipping on orders for free publications to county offices or program units?
  County offices and program units will not be charged shipping on free orders. Publications that are priced to the public still register a shipping charge which we will remove once we receive your order in the Bookstore.  We are monitoring the orders to remove the charges, but we always appreciate the notice.  You may call us at 979-985-5259 or email us to remove the shipping.
Why can I not access the Extension supplies?
  You must log in the to Bookstore before you can access the Faculty/Staff pages.  Click the "My Account / Login / Register" link at the bottom of the page.  If you have already created your account, you should be able to go the Extension Staff Supplies & Marketing Materials page.  If you have not registered in the new system, please create your account as a NEW CUSTOMER.  The Bookstore staff will need a short period of time to verify your status and set tax, shipping, and price schedules before you can access the supplies.  Once completed, you may log in as a RETURNING CUSTOMER.