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EWF-011   EWF-011: Eastern Wild Turkey in Texas: Biology and Management
EWF-012   EWF-012: Watershed Monitoring Benefits Private Lands and Public Water Supplies
EWF-013OC   EWF-013OC: Wildlife Management 101 Online Course
EWF-014   EWF-014: Ornamental Ponds & Water Gardens in Texas
EWF-015   EWF-015: Managing and Controlling Algae in Ponds
EWF-015S   EWF-015S: Manejando y Controlando las Algas en los Estanques
EWF-016   EWF-016: Adding Value to Oyster Crops-Branding, Marketing & Production Strategies
EWF-017   EWF-017: Understanding Water Quality Reports for Your Pond
EWF-019   EWF-019: Managing Urban Stormwater Ponds
EWF-020   EWF-020: Habitat Guide for Northern Bobwhite
EWF-021   EWF-021: Texas Aquaculture Production: Overview and Trends of the Industry
EWF-022   EWF-022: Repairing 3-D Decoys for Hunter Education
EWF-023   EWF-023: Chronic Wasting Disease
EWF-023S   EWF-023S: Enfermedad Crónica Debilitante
EWF-024   EWF-024: "Abandoned" Wildlife: Facts and Resources for Texans
EWF-025OC   EWF-025OC: Understanding Wild Pig History and Biology for Continuing Education Professionals Online Course
EWF-026OC   EWF-026OC: Wild Pig Management for Texas Pesticide Applicators Online Course
EWF-027OC   EWF-027OC: Understanding Wild Pig History and Biology Online Course
EWF-028   EWF-028: Livestock Guard Dogs
EWF-029   EWF-029: Restrictions on Waterfowl Hunting and Baiting
EWF-031   EWF-031: Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas Cervids
EWF-032   EWF-032: Supplemental Feeding of White-tailed Deer
EWF-033   EWF-033: Wild Pigs and Ticks: Implications for Livestock Production, Human and Animal Health
EWF-034   EWF-034: Managing Heat for Wildlife on Texas Rangelands
EWF-047   EWF-047: Managing Brush Near Rio Grande Wild Turkey Roosts
EWF-050   EWF-050: Guide to Abundance Estimation Techniques for Rio Grande Wild Turkey
EWF-056OC   EWF-056OC: Northern Bobwhite Management Course
EWF-058OC   EWF-058OC: Managing the White-tail Deer for Landowners Course
EWF-059   EWF-059: Differentiating Mule Deer and White-tailed Deer
EWF-060   EWF-060: Anthrax: Conditions, Symptoms and Advice for Landowners
EWF-062   EWF-062: Carcass Disposal Practices to Manage Chronic Wasting Disease
EWF-065   EWF-065: Habitat Monitoring for Quail on Texas Rangelands
EWF-065S   EWF-065S: El monitoreo del hábitat de las codornices en los pastizales de pastoreo en Texas
EWF-066   EWF-066: Counting Quail
EWF-066S   EWF-066S: Estimando Poblaciones de Codorniz
EWF-073   EWF-073: Observations of Roost-Site Selection and Survival by Pen-Reared Northern Bobwhite
EWF-074   EWF-074: Rio Grande Wild Turkey Life History and Management Calendar
EWF-076   EWF-076: After the Conservation Reserve Program: Land Management with Wildlife in Mind
EWF-077   EWF-077: After the Conservation Reserve Program: Economic Decisions with Wildlife in Mind
EWF-078   EWF-078: Golden Alga and Your Pond: Know the Facts!
EWF-079   EWF-079: Recognizing Feral Hog Sign
EWF-080   EWF-080: Corral Traps for Feral Hogs
EWF-081   EWF-081: Box Traps for Feral Hogs
EWF-082   EWF-082: Placing and Baiting Feral Hog Traps
EWF-083   EWF-083: Door Modifications for Feral Hog Traps
EWF-084   EWF-084: Snaring Feral Hogs
EWF-085   EWF-085: Making a Feral Hog Snare
EWF-086   EWF-086: Using Fences to Exclude Feral Hogs from Wildlife Feeding Stations
EWF-091   EWF-091: Feral Hogs Negatively Affect Native Plant Communities
EWF-092   EWF-092: Native Grassland Restoration in the Middle Trinity River Basin
EWF-095   EWF-095: Feral Hog Approved Holding Facility Guidelines in Texas
EWF-096   EWF-096: Habitat Requirements of Texas Quail
EWF-097   EWF-097: Vampire Bats in Texas: Ecology, Signs, and Managing Damage to Livestock
EWF-098   EWF-098: Mange in Wildlife
EWF-099   EWF-099: ¡El Chupacabra! The Science Behind a Latin American Mystery
EWF-100   EWF-100: Snakes and Flooding
EWF-101   EWF-101: Managing Coyotes on School Grounds
EWF-102   EWF-102: Living with Black Bears in Texas
EWF-103   EWF-103: Texas Landowners Guide to Endangered Species Act
EWF-104   EWF-104: Normal Agricultural Operations and Dove Hunting: How to Legally Provide Food Sources and Improve Hunting Opportunities
FCS-001   FCS-001: Fall Prevention in the Home: Changes for Healthy Living (DVD)
FCS-006   FCS-006: Walk Across Texas Starter Kit
FCS-007   FCS-007: Walk Across Texas Set of Classroom Newsletters
FCS-010   FCS-010: Family Stories (English & Spanish) and Teacher Supplement
FN-001   FN-001: Food Safety: It's Our Business
FN-001C   FN-001C: Food Safety: It's Our Business (Chinese)
FN-001S   FN-001S: Seguridad Alimenticia: es nuestro negocio
FN-007   FN-007: Texas Food Establishment Rules
HLE 1-1.000   HLE 1-1.000: Recreation Handbook: Fasten Your Seat Belts--4-H is Fun! (CD)
HT-013   HT-013: Earth-Kind Landscape Management
HT-013S   HT-013S: Manejo de paisajes Earth-Kind
HT-016   HT-016: High Tunnels for Crop Production in Texas
HT-028   HT-028: Pocket Guide to Vegetable Diseases
HT-029   HT-029: Specialty Crops for High Tunnel Production in Texas
HT-045   HT-045: Perennial Garden Color
HT-046   HT-046: The Bulb Hunter
HT-047   HT-047: Production Guide for Texas-Grown Strawberries
HT-082   HT-082: Easy Gardening for Texas
HT-084   HT-084: Growing Grapes in Texas
HT-085   HT-085: 2019 Texas Grape Pest Management Guide
HT-085S   HT-085S: 2015 Guía de Manejo para Plagas de Uva en Texas
HT-089   HT-089: Doug Welsh's Texas Garden Almanac
HT-090   HT-090: Texas Cacti
HT-092   HT-092: Texas Peach Handbook
HT-093   HT-093: Heirloom Gardening in the South
JMG-001   JMG-001: Learn, Grow, Eat & Go!
JMG-001S   JMG-001S: Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! - Spanish
JMG-002CB   JMG-002CB: Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! Children's Books - Set of 5
JMG-003   JMG-003: Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! Garden Journals - Set of 25
JMG-004   JMG-004: Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! Garden Kitchen Recipes - Set of 25
JMG-005   JMG-005: Level 1 Handbook
JMG-006   New 2016 Version!, JMG-006">JMG-006: Level 1 Teacher/Leader Guide New 2016 Version!
JMG-006S   ¡REDUCIDO! JJM Joven Jardinero Maestro Guía para el Maestro/Líder, JMG-006S">JMG-006S: ¡REDUCIDO! JJM Joven Jardinero Maestro Guía para el Maestro/Líder
JMG-007   REDUCED! Health and Nutrition from the Garden, JMG-007">JMG-007: REDUCED! Health and Nutrition from the Garden
JMG-008   JMG-008: Level 2 Operation Thistle--Seeds of Despair
JMG-009   JMG-009: Golden Ray Series--Wildlife Gardener
JMG-010   JMG-010: Golden Ray Series--Literature in the Garden
JMG-010A   JMG-010A: Golden Ray Series--Literature in the Garden Set (includes Literature in the Garden plus 6 children's books)
JMG-010B   JMG-010B: Golden Ray Series--Literature in the Garden Children's Books Set (children's books only)
JMG-011   JMG-011: Level 2 Operation W.A.T.E.R.--Dr. Thistle Goes Underground
JMG-012   JMG-012: Level 1 JMG Classroom Set
JMG-013   JMG-013: JMG Sampler Set
JMG-014   JMG-014: Learn, Grow, Eat and Go! Full Curricula Starter Package
JMG-020   JMG-020: Suck-a-Bug Kit
JMG-021   JMG-021: Level 1 Chapter 1 recognition pin
JMG-022   JMG-022: Level 1 Chapter 2 recognition pin
JMG-023   JMG-023: Level 1 Chapter 3 recognition pin
JMG-024   JMG-024: Level 1 Chapter 4 recognition pin
JMG-025   JMG-025: Level 1 Chapter 5 recognition pin
JMG-026   JMG-026: Level 1 Chapter 6 recognition pin
JMG-027   JMG-027: Level 1 Chapter 7 recognition pin
JMG-028   JMG-028: Level 1 Chapter 8 recognition pin
JMG-029   JMG-029: Certified Medal
JMG-030   JMG-030: Lapel pin
JMG-031   JMG-031: Service Crest Medal
JMG-032   JMG-032: Golden Ray shield
JMG-033   JMG-033: Wildlife Gardener pin
JMG-034   JMG-034: Health and Nutrition from the Garden pin
JMG-035   JMG-035: Literature in the Garden pin
JMG-036   JMG-036: Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! pin
JMG-037OC   JMG-037OC: JMG Plant Growth & Development Online Course
JMG-038OC   JMG-038OC: Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! Online Curriculum and Teacher Training
L-1664   L-1664: Curing and Smoking Poultry
L-1901   L-1901: Managing Skunk Damage
L-1902   L-1902: Managing Raccoon Damage
L-1904   L-1904: Managing Pocket Gopher Damage
L-1905   L-1905: Managing Mole Damage
L-1906   L-1906: Managing Armadillo Damage
L-1907   L-1907: Managing Opossum Damage
L-1908   L-1908: Trapping Coyotes
L-1909   L-1909: Controlling Ground Squirrel Damage
L-1910   L-1910: Controlling Cottontail and Jackrabbit Damage
L-1911   L-1911: Managing Beaver Damage
L-1912   L-1912: Snakes and Their Control
L-1913   L-1913: Controlling Bats in Urban Areas
L-1914   L-1914: Controlling Tree Squirrels in Urban Areas
L-1915   L-1915: Wildlife Services
L-1916   L-1916: Managing Rats and Mice
L-1917   L-1917: Managing Coyotes With Snares
L-1918   L-1918: Managing Nutria Damage
L-1919   L-1919: Managing Feral Pigeons
L-1920   L-1920: Controlling House Sparrows
L-1921   L-1921: Controlling Roosting Birds in Urban Areas
L-1922   L-1922: Controlling Woodpecker Damage
L-1923   L-1923: Managing Badger Damage
L-1924   L-1924: Wildlife Diseases
L-1925   L-1925: Managing Feral Hog Damage
L-2458   L-2458: Field Method for Determining Soil Texture
L-5004   L-5004: Prepare Meat and Poultry Safely
L-5076   L-5076: Irradiation of Raw Poultry
L-5160   L-5160: Brush Busters: How to Master Cedar
L-5214   L-5214: Economic Impact of the Texas Poultry Industry
L-5215   L-5215: Producing Quail for Home Consumption
L-5227   L-5227: OWTS: Septic Tank/Soil Absorption Field
L-5229   L-5229: OWTS: Sand Filters
L-5230   L-5230: OWTS: Constructed Wetlands
L-5295   L-5295: Immunizing Beef Calves: A Preconditioning Immunization Concept
L-5302   L-5302: OWTS: Aerobic Treatment Unit
L-5303   L-5303: OWTS: Spray Distribution System
L-5312   L-5312: Hydrogen Sulfide in Drinking Water: Causes and Treatment Alternatives
L-5324   L-5324: Protecting the Environment Using Integrated Weed Management in Lawns
L-5344   L-5344: OWTS: Tablet Chlorination
L-5346   L-5346: OWTS: Pump Tank
L-5347   L-5347: OWTS: Operation and Maintenance
L-5384   L-5384: Texas Wildflowers
L-5421   L-5421: Brush Busters: How to Avoid Lumps When Treating Cut Stumps
L-5427   L-5427: Brush Busters: How to Manage Macartney Rose
L-5429   L-5429: African Rue Biology and Management
L-5434   L-5434: Irrigating Sorghum in South and South Central Texas
L-5435   L-5435: Harvest Aids in Sorghum
L-5440   L-5440: Saltcedar: Biology and Management
L-5441   L-5441: Shock Chlorination of Wells
L-5444   L-5444: Biological Control of Saltcedar
L-5446   L-5446: Brush Busters Mixing Guide
L-5460   L-5460: OWTS: Liquid Chlorination
L-5466   L-5466: Brush Busters: How to take the Green out of Greenbriar
L-5473   L-5473: Managing Suburban Coyotes
L-5475   L-5475: OWTS: Responding to Power Outages and Floods
L-5480   L-5480: OWTS: Graywater Safety
L-5483   L-5483: OWTS: Ultraviolet Light Disinfection
L-5491   L-5491: OWTS: Understanding and Maintaining your Septic System
L-5494   L-5494: Dairy Biomass as a Renewable Fuel Source
L-5495   L-5495: Proper Use of Sulfonamides in Market Show Animals
L-5498   L-5498: Rainwater Harvesting: Landscape Methods
L-5500   L-5500: Keep Pesticides Out of Texas Water Supplies: Best Management Practices to Prevent Pesticide Contamination of Water Resources
L-5502   L-5502: Drinking Water Problems: MTBE
L-5503   L-5503: Pet Waste Management
L-5504   L-5504: OWTS: Graywater Use and Water Quality
L-5506   L-5506: Biosecurity for Beef Cattle Operations
L-5507   L-5507: Biosecurity for Swine Producers
L-5510   L-5510: Lawn Fertilization: Environmental Impact
L-5513   L-5513: Drinking Water Problems: Benzene
L-5514   L-5514: Particulate Matter: What is it and Why does it Matter to Agriculture?
L-5516   L-5516: Air Quality Terminology
L-5517   L-5517: Living on the Water's Edge
L-5518   L-5518: Making a Rain Barrel
L-5519   L-5519: Turfgrass Selection for Texas
L-5530   L-5530: How we protect streams, rivers and lakes
L-5531   L-5531: Is this Bull Infected with Trichomonas (Trich)? (Poster)
L-5532   L-5532: Improving Water Quality with Grassed Waterways

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