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WF-062   WF-062: Carcass Disposal Practices to Manage Chronic Wasting Disease
WF-063   WF-063: Procedures for Evaluating Predation on Livestock and Wildlife
WF-064   WF-064: Aquatic Vegetation Identification Cards
WF-065   WF-065: Habitat Monitoring for Quail on Texas Rangelands
WF-065S   WF-065S: El monitoreo del hábitat de las codornices en los pastizales de pastoreo en Texas
WF-066   WF-066: Counting Quail
WF-066S   WF-066S: Estimando Poblaciones de Codorniz
WF-067   WF-067: Wildlife and Fish Management Calendar - A Landowner's Guide
WF-068   WF-068: Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds: A High School Math and Science Curriculum
WF-068A   WF-068A: Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds
WF-069   WF-069: Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds: A High School Math and Science Curriculum (CD only)
WF-069A   WF-069A: Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds (CD only)
WF-070   WF-070: Managing the White-Tailed Deer: A Wildlife and Fish Management Curriculum for High School Math and Science Students
WF-071   WF-071: Managing the White-Tailed Deer (CD only)
WF-072   WF-072: Making Dollar$ and Sense of Your Wildlife Resources
WF-073   WF-073: Observations of Roost-Site Selection and Survival by Pen-Reared Northern Bobwhite
WF-074   WF-074: Rio Grande Wild Turkey Life History and Management Calendar
WF-075   WF-075: Rio Grande Wild Turkey Predators (Poster)
WF-076   WF-076: After the Conservation Reserve Program: Land Management with Wildlife in Mind
WF-077   WF-077: After the Conservation Reserve Program: Economic Decisions with Wildlife in Mind
WF-078   WF-078: Golden Alga and Your Pond: Know the Facts!
WF-079   WF-079: Recognizing Feral Hog Sign
WF-080   WF-080: Corral Traps for Feral Hogs
WF-081   WF-081: Box Traps for Feral Hogs
WF-082   WF-082: Placing and Baiting Feral Hog Traps
WF-083   WF-083: Door Modifications for Feral Hog Traps
WF-084   WF-084: Snaring Feral Hogs
WF-085   WF-085: Making a Feral Hog Snare
WF-086   WF-086: Using Fences to Exclude Feral Hogs from Wildlife Feeding Stations
WF-087   WF-087: The Largemouth Bass -- Better Fishing Through Private Water Management
WF-088   WF-088: Proceedings of the Trans-Pecos Prescribed Fire Symposium 2010
WF-089   WF-089: Water Quality Testing and Management (DVD)
WF-090   WF-090: Bass Tech: The Technology to Manage for Success (CD)
WF-091   WF-091: Feral Hogs Negatively Affect Native Plant Communities
WF-092   WF-092: Native Grassland Restoration in the Middle Trinity River Basin
WF-093   WF-093: Feral Hog Population Growth, Density and Harvest in Texas
WF-094   WF-094: Safety for Fish Workers-DVD
WF-095   WF-095: Feral Hog Approved Holding Facility Guidelines in Texas
WF-096   WF-096: Habitat Requirements of Texas Quail
WFSC-023   WFSC-023: Identifying Venomous and Nonvenomous Snakes in Texas
WS-001   WS-001: Feral Hogs in Texas

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