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E-85   E-85: Cooking with Canned Salmon
E-85S   E-85S: Guisos con Salmón Enlatado
E-86   E-86: Cooking with Applesauce
E-86S   E-86S: Recetas con puré de manzana
E-87   E-87: Cooking with Processed Cheese
E-87S   E-87S: Platillos con queso procesado
E-88   E-88: Cooking with Oatmeal
E-88S   E-88S: Recetas con avena
E-89   E-89: Cooking with Dried Potatoes
E-89S   E-89S: Platillos con papas secas
E-9   E-9: Proper Lagoon Management to Reduce Odor and Excessive Sludge Accumulation
E-90   E-90: Cooking with Dry Egg Mix
E-90S   E-90S: Platillos con mezch=la de huevo deshidratado (en polvo)
E-91   E-91: Cooking with Raisins
E-91S   E-91S: Recetas con pasitas
E-92   E-92: Cooking with Prunes
E-92S   E-92S: Recetas con viruela pasa
E-93   E-93: Cooking with Macaroni
E-93S   E-93S: Platillos con Macarrones
E-94   E-94: Cooking with Green Beans
E-94S   E-94S: Platillos con ejotes
E-95S   E-95S: Cómo guardar los alimentos en casa de una manera segura
E-96S   E-96S: Balance entre la produccion y demanda de forraje de los pastizales
E-98   E-98: Integrating Deer, Quail and Turkey Habitat
E-98S   E-98S: Manejo integrado de habitat para venado, codorniz y guajolote
E-99   E-99: Why Range Forage Quality Changes
E-99S   E-99S: ¿Por que cambia la calidad del forraje de los pastizales?
E4-H-06-01   E4-H 06-01: 4-H Club Officer Handbook-President
E4-H-06-02   E4-H 06-02: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - First Vice President
E4-H-06-03   E4-H 06-03: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Second Vice President
E4-H-06-04   E4-H 06-04: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Third Vice President
E4-H-06-05   E4-H 06-05: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Secretary
E4-H-06-06   E4-H 06-06: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Treasurer
E4-H-06-07   E4-H 06-07: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - 4-H Health and Safety Officer
E4-H-06-08   E4-H 06-08: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Reporter
E4-H-06-09   E4-H 06-09: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Parliamentarian
E4-H-06-10   E4-H 06-10: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Club Committees
E4-H-06-11   E4-H 06-11: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Council Delegate
E4-H-06-12   E4-H 06-12: 4-H Club Officer Handbook - Forms
E4-H-06-13   E4-H 06-13: The 4-H Club Officer Handbook
E4-H-1-3.055   E4-H 1-3.055: Annual Texas 4-H Enrollment List
E4-H-1-3.056S   E4-H 1-3.056S: Formulario de Inscripción para Miembros de Texas 4-H ,2008-2009
E4-H-1-5.061   E4-H 1-5.061: Texas 4-H Group Enrollment Form
E4-H-11-1   E4-H 11-1: Putting the Pieces Together
E4-H-11-2   E4-H 11-2: Texas 4-H Ambassador Handbook
E4-H-17-1   E4-H 17-1: Investigating Water
E4-H-2.040   E4-H 2.040: Certificate of Completion
E4-H-3-1.011   E4-H 3-1.011: 4-H Participation Certificate
E4-H-3-1.020   E4-H 3-1.020: Appreciation Award Certificate
E4-H-3-10.2   E4-H 3-10.2: For the Record Teaching Plans
E4-H-3-10.8   E4-H 3-10.8: For the Record--Completion Certificate
E4-H-3-2.030   E4-H 3-2.030: Texas 4-H Quiz Bowl Guide
E4-H-3-2.031   E4-H 3-2.031: Texas 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl Supplement
E4-H-3-2.041   E4-H 3-2.041: Application Nomination for 4-H Recognition
E4-H-3-4.010   E4-H 3-4.010: 4-H Judging Card
E4-H-3-5.012   E4-H 3-5.012: 4-H Public Presentation Guide: Educational Presentations and Talks
E4-H-3-5.200S   E4-H 3-5.200S: Temas del manual para nuevos lideres del programa 4-H
E4-H-3-5.201   E4-H 3-5.201: What is 4-H?
E4-H-3-5.201S   E4-H 3-5.201S: ¿Qué 4-H?
E4-H-3-5.202   E4-H 3-5.202: 4-H Volunteer Leadership Opportunities
E4-H-3-5.202S   E4-H 3-5.202S: Oportunidades para Voluntarios de 4-H
E4-H-3-5.203   E4-H 3-5.203: Understanding Youth
E4-H-3-5.203S   E4-H 3-5.203S: Comprendiendo a los jóvenes
E4-H-3-5.204   E4-H 3-5.204: The Learning Environment
E4-H-3-5.204S   E4-H 3-5.204S: El ambiente educativo
E4-H-3-5.205   E4-H 3-5.205: Teaching Techniques
E4-H-3-5.205S   E4-H 3-5.205S: Técnicas de enseñanza
E4-H-3-5.206   E4-H 3-5.206: Planning the Annual 4-H Program
E4-H-3-5.206S   E4-H 3-5.206S: Planeación Anual del Programa 4-H
E4-H-3-5.207   E4-H 3-5.207: The 4-H Club Meeting
E4-H-3-5.207S   E4-H 3-5.207S: Las Reuniones del Club 4-H
E4-H-3-5.208   E4-H 3-5.208: Effective 4-H Meetings
E4-H-3-5.208S   E4-H 3-5.208S: Reuniones Efectivas de 4-H
E4-H-3-5.209   E4-H 3-5.209: The 4-H Project
E4-H-3-5.209S   E4-H 3-5.209S: Los Proyectos de 4-H
E4-H-3-5.210   E4-H 3-5.210: Organizing Your 4-H Project Group
E4-H-3-5.210S   E4-H 3-5.210S: Organizando su Grupo de Proyecto de 4-H
E4-H-3-5.211   E4-H 3-5.211: Planning the Project Meeting
E4-H-3-5.211S   E4-H 3-5.211S: La planeación de las reuniones de proyecto
E4-H-3-5.212   E4-H 3-5.212: Project Selection - Record Keeping
E4-H-3-5.212S   E4-H 3-5.212S: La selección y los registros de proyectos 4-H
E4-H-3-5.213   E4-H 3-5.213: 4-H Activities
E4-H-3-5.213S   E4-H 3-5.213S: Actividades de 4-H
E4-H-3-5.214   E4-H 3-5.214: Parent Involvement
E4-H-3-5.214S   E4-H 3-5.214S: La participación de los padres
E4-H-3-5.215   E4-H 3-5.215: 4-H and the Community
E4-H-3-5.215S   E4-H 3-5.215S: 4-H y la Comunidad
E4-H-L4L.001   E4-H L4L.001: Leaders 4 Life Skill-A-Thon Resource Packet
E4-H-L4L.002   E4-H L4L.002: Leaders 4 Life Skill-A-Thon Score Sheets and Forms Packet
E4-H-L4L.003   E4-H L4L.003: Leaders 4 Life Award of Excellence Certificate
E4-H-L4L.004   E4-H L4L.004: History of 4-H in Texas
E4-H-L4L.005   E4-H L4L.005: Leaders 4 Life Service Lesson Plan: Use Your Hands...For Service!
E4-H-L4L.006   E4-H L4L.006: Yea, 4-H! Take the Lead Unit Youth Workbook
E4-H-L4L.007   E4-H L4L.007: Leaders 4 Life Parliamentary Procedure Activity Packet
E4-H-FN1-1   E4-H-FN1-1: Winning With Nutrition: A 4-H Sports Nutrition Curriculum
E4-Hy.3-5E   E4-Hy.3-5E: Yea 4-H! Parent Newsletters, 3-5 Grade (English)
E4-Hy.3-5S   E4-Hy.3-5S: Boletines para padres de familia-grade 3-5
E4-Hy.6-8E   E4-Hy.6-8E: Yea 4-H! Parent Newsletters, 6-8 Grade (English)
E4-Hy.6-8S   E4-Hy.6-8S: Boletines para padres de familia grades 6-8
E4-Hy.K-2E   E4-Hy.K-2E: Yea 4-H! Parent Newsletters, K-2 Grade (English)
E4-Hy.K-2S   E4-Hy.K-2S: Boletines para padres de familia--grades K-2
E4H-010   E4H-010: Quality Counts: Quality Assurance Character Education
E4H-011   E4H-011: Do, Reflect, Apply
E4H-013   E4H-013: Quality Counts Exhibitor Cards
E4H-014   E4H-014: An Educator's Resource to Texas Mammal Skulls and Skins
E4H-015   E4H-015: Camp & Enrichment Program Waiver, Indemnification, & Medical Treatment Authorization
E4H-016   E4H-016: Texas 4-H Youth Development Code of Conduct
E4H-016S   E4H-016S: Texas 4-H Youth Development Code of Conduct-Spanish
E4H-017   E4H-017: Texas 4-H Youth Development Consequences of Misbehavior
E4H-017S   E4H-017S: Texas 4-H Youth Development Consequences of Misbehavior (Spanish)
EAG-001   EAG-001: The Impact of the Beef Industry in the Southern Ogallala Aquifer…..
EAG-003   EAG-003: Peer Advisory Groups in Agriculture Staying Ahead of the Curve
EAG-004   EAG-004: The Impact of the Swine Industry in the Southern Ogallala Aquifer
EAG-005   EAG-005: Dealing with Financial Stress on Texas Farms and Ranches - Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives
EAG-006   EAG-006: After the Conservation Program: Economic Decisions with Farming and Grazing in Mind
EAG-007   EAG-007: Texas Grazing Lease Checklist
EAG-008   EAG-008: Texas Hunting Lease Checklist
EAG-009   EAG-009: Texas Pipeline Easement Negotiation Checklist
EAG-010   EAG-010: Impact of Brahman Influence on Breeding Female Prices in South Texas
EAG-011   EAG-011: Impact of the Feed Grains Industry on the Southern Ogallala Region
EAG-012   EAG-012: Impact of the Small Grains Industry on the Southern Ogallala Region
EAG-013   EAG-013: The Impact of Agribusiness in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
EAG-014   EAG-014: An Overview of the Endangered Species Act
EAG-016   EAG-016: Syngenta Corn Litigation
EAG-017   EAG-017: What Farmers Need to Know about Seed-Saving Laws
EAG-018   EAG-018: Key Performance Indicator Targets for Beef Cow-calf Operations
EAG-019   EAG-019: Farm Employers and Form I-9 Compliance
EAG-020   EAG-020: What Drives Market Calf Prices in South Texas 2015?
EAG-022   EAG-022: Economic Impact of Calf Castration in South Texas
EAG-023   EAG-023: The Impact of the Cotton Industry in the Southern Ogallala Region
EAG-024   EAG-024: Veterinary Feed Directive: What Producers Need to Know
EAG-025   EAG-025: Child Labor Laws and Agriculture
EAG-026   EAG-026: Solar Lease Considerations for Landowners
EAG-027   EAG-027: Texas Agritourism Act: Frequently Asked Questions
EAG-028   EAG-028: Organic Agriculture in the US and Texas
EAG-029   EAG-029: Five Strands: A Landowner's Guide to Fence Laws in Texas
EAG-030   EAG-030: Increasing the Odds Your Business Will Succeed
EAG-031   EAG-031: Can a Lender Call My Loan Even If It's Current?
EAG-032   EAG-032: Balance Sheet -- A Financial Management Tool
EAG-033   EAG-033: Borrowing In a Risky Enviroment
EAG-034   EAG-034: Cash Flow Projection For Operating Loan Determination
EAG-035   EAG-035: Financial and Economic Terms
EAG-036   EAG-036: Financial Management: Cash vs Accrual Accounting
EAG-037   EAG-037: Financial Management: The Key to Farm-Firm Business Management
EAG-038   EAG-038: Income Statement-A Financial Management Tool
EAG-039   EAG-039: Leasing vs Buying Farm Machinery
EAG-040   EAG-040: Livestock Risk Protection-Lamb
EAG-042   EAG-042: Preventing Farmer Suicides
eag-043   EAG-043: Farm Families and Mental Health
EAG-044   EAG-044: Implementing Community Goals Successfully
EAG-045   EAG-045: Getting the Community Involved in Local Development Efforts
EAG-046   EAG-046: Business Retention and Expansion
EAG-047   EAG-047: Translating Data or Survey Results into SMART Goals
EAG-048   EAG-048: The Difference between an ICE Audit and an ICE Raid: Are You Prepared?
EAG-049   EAG-049: Preparing for an Inclusive Community Assessment
EAG-050   EAG-050: Basics of Texas Water Law
EAG-051   EAG-051: The Economic Impact of the Sugarcane Aphid Outbreak in Texas
EAG-052   EAG-052: Negotiating a Fair Cash Lease Rate in Texas
EAG-055   EAG-055: Economic Contribution Analysis-A Brief Introduction
EAG-057   EAG-057: Determining Mineral Ownership in Texas
EAG-058   EAG-058: How Landowners Can Protect Themselves from Liability
EAG-059   EAG-059: Texas Agricultural Law Resources
EAGR-5.040   EAGR 5.040: Soil Judging Scorecard
EAN-001   EAN-001: Bovine Anaplasmosis: A Reemerging Threat to Texas Cattle
EAN-002   EAN-002: Texas Adapted Genetic Strategies for Beef Cattle VI: Creating Breeds
EAN-003   EAN-003: Texas Adapted Genetic Strategies for Beef Cattle V: Type and Breed Characteristics and Uses
EAN-004   EAN-004: Texas Adapted Genetic Strategies for Beef Cattle VII: Sire Types for Commercial Herds
EAN-006   EAN-006: Determining Pregnancy in Cattle
EAN-011   EAN-011: Judging Wool and Mohair
EAN-015   EAN-015: A Haemonchus Contortus Management Plan for Sheep and Goats in Texas
EAN-016   EAN-016: Using Artificial Lighting to Elicit Estrus in Mares
EAN-018   EAN-018: Ranchers: Watch for ticks!
EAN-022   EAN-022: Trailering Considerations for Horses
EAN-024   EAN-024: Horse Biosecurity
EAS-1-1   EAS 1-1: Texas 4-H Beef Project
EAS-1-2   EAS 1-2: Managing Beef Cattle for Show
EAS-1-3   EAS 1-3: Texas 4-H Beef Quiz Bowl Supplement
EAS-13-5   EAS 13-5: Score Card for Mohair Judging
EAS-13-6   EAS 13-6: Score Card for Wool Judging
EAS-16-2   EAS 16-2: Texas 4-H Swine Project Guide
EAS-2.010   EAS 2.010: Rabbit Project Reference Manual
EAS-3-1.041   EAS 3-1.041: 4-H Livestock Judging Reason Card
EAS-3-3.041   EAS 3-3.041: 4-H Meat Judging Contest
EAS-3-4.052   EAS 3-4.052: Mohair Placing and Reasons Sheet
EAS-3-4.055   EAS 3-4.055: Wool Grading Sheet
EAS-3-4.057   EAS 3-4.057: Wool Placing and Reasons Sheet
EAS-3-4.059   EAS 3-4.059: 4-H Show Lamb Guide
EAS-3-4.060   EAS 3-4.060: 4-H Meat Goat Guide
EAS-5-6.051   EAS 5-6.051: Mohair Grading Sheet
EB-1077S   EB-1077S: Determinando la gestación en el ganado
EB-1383   EB-1383: Processing Poultry at Home
EB-1400   EB-1400: The Sodium Content of Your Food
EB-1443   EB-1443: Long Calving Seasons: Problems and Solutions
EB-1526   EB-1526: Body Condition, Nutrition and Reproduction of Beef Cows
EB-1573   EB-1573: Tender Texas Chicken
EB-1582   EB-1582: Leasing Texas Rangelands
EB-1612   EB-1612: Managing Texas Groundwater Resources through Groundwater Conservation Districts
EB-1646   EB-1646: How Much Forage Do You Have?
EB-1664   EB-1664: Coping with Coyotes

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