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EB-1667   EB-1667: Irrigation Water Quality Standards and Salinity Management Strategies
EB-5017   EB-5017: Texas Alfalfa Production
EB-5025   EB-5025: Nutritional and Feeding Management of Broodmares
EB-5031   EB-5031: Safe Home Food Storage
EB-5033   EB-5033: Selection and Use of Hay and Processed Roughage in Horse Feeding
EB-5043   EB-5043: Feeding Young Horses For Sound Development
EB-5045   EB-5045: Suggestions for Weed Control in Sorghum
EB-5046   EB-5046: Pricklypear Biology and Management
EB-5086   EB-5086: Wood-boring Insects of Trees and Shrubs
EB-5098   EB-5098: Anaplasmosis in Beef Cattle
EB-6010   EB-6010: Suggestions for Weed Control in Peanuts
EB-6011   EB-6011: Calculating Horsepower Requirements and Sizing Supply Pipelines for Irrigation
EB-6014   EB-6014: Assessing Hail and Freeze Damage to Field Corn and Sorghum
EB-6028   EB-6028: TEX-A-SYST: Reducing the Risk of Ground Water Contamination by Improving Hazardous Waste Management
EB-6029   EB-6029: TEX-A-SYST: Reducing the Risk of Ground Water Contamination by Improving Household Wastewater Treatment
EB-6043   EB-6043: Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas
EB-6044   EB-6044: Emergency Alternative Crops for South Texas
EB-6048   EB-6048: Irrigated and Dryland Sorghum Production in South and Southwest Texas
EB-6050   EB-6050: Pesticide Properties that Affect Water Quality
EB-6053   EB-6053: Crop Nutrient Needs in South and Southwest Texas
EB-6064   EB-6064: Bull Management for Cow/Calf Producers
EB-6067   EB-6067: Supplementation Strategies for Beef Cattle
EB-6074   EB-6074: Juniper Biology and Management in Texas
EB-6077   EB-6077: OWTS: Selecting and Permitting
EB-6077S   EB-6077S: Sistemas individuales para el tratamiento de aguas negras: Selección y autorización - OWTS
EB-6079   EB-6079: Weed Identification: Using Plant Structures as a Key
EB-6084   EB-6084: Composting Horse Manure
EB-6087   EB-6087: Groundwater Conservation Districts: Success Stories
EB-6091   EB-6091: Livestock for Small Acreage Landowners
EB-6097   EB-6097: Scale Insects on Ornamental Plants
EB-6098   EB-6098: OWTS: Alternative Collection Systems
EB-6098S   EB-6098S: Sistemas individuales para el tratamiento de aguas negras: Sistemas de recolección alternativos - OWTS
EB-6101   EB-6101: Reference Guide for Texas Ranchers
EB-6109   EB-6109: Aphids on Cruciferous Crops: Identification and Management
EB-6113   EB-6113: Economics of Irrigation Systems
EB-6114   EB-6114: Grazing and Browsing: How Plants are Affected
EB-6120   EB-6120: Questions about Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas
EB-6122   EB-6122: Closure of Lagoons and Earthen Manure Storage Structures
EB-6123   EB-6123: Synchronizing Estrus in Cattle
EB-6124   EB-6124: Forage Quality and Quantity in Texas: Managing Nutrition in Range Beef Cattle
EB-6125   EB-6125: Lawn Water Management
EB-6126   EB-6126: Keep Your Lawn Alive During Drought
EB-6130   EB-6130: White-tailed Deer Browse Preferences for South Texas and the Edwards Plateau
EB-6131   EB-6131: Texas Rice Production Guidelines
EB-6137   EB-6137: Sorghum Growth and Development
EB-6143   EB-6143: Feeding the Arena Performance Horse
EB-6146   EB-6146: Predator Control as a Tool in Wildlife Management
EB-6150   EB-6150: Irrigation of Forage Crops
EB-6152   EB-6152: Grain Sorghum Irrigation
EB-6153   EB-6153: Rainwater Harvesting
EB-6158   EB-6158: Stormwater Management
EB-6161   EB-6161: Mature, Senior and Geriatric Horses: Management, Care and Use
EB-6171   EB-6171: OWTS: Homeowner's Guide to Evaluating Service Contracts
EB-6176   EB-6176: OWTS: Graywater
EB-6178   EB-6178: Preparing for the Unexpected
EB-6180   EB-6180: Views from the River Front: Rio Grande Decision Makers Rank Water Conservation Strategies
EB-6183   EB-6183: Managing Household Ant Pests
EB-6184   EB-6184: Drinking Water Problems: Nitrates
EB-6184S   EB-6184S: Problemas del agua potable: Los nitratos
EB-6185   EB-6185: Dove Management in Texas
EB-6186   EB-6186: Drinking Water Standards
EB-6186S   EB-6186S: Estándares del agua potable
EB-6187   EB-6187: Wildlife Photography for Fun and Profit: Constructing and Installing Wildlife Photography Blinds
EB-6189   EB-6189: Best Management Practices for Conservation/Reduced Tillage
EB-6192   EB-6192: Drinking Water Problems: Radionuclides
EB-6192S   EB-6192S: Problemas del agua potable: Los radionúclidos
EB-6194S   EB-6194S: Uso de sensores de humedad del suelo para eficientizar el riego
EB-6195   EB-6195: Rainwater Harvesting: Soil Storage and Infiltration System
EB-6196   EB-6196: Technologies for Reducing Nutrients in Dairy Effluent
EB-6198   EB-6198: Rio Grande Wild Turkey in Texas: Biology and Management
EB-6205   EB-6205: Impacts of Irrigation on Citrus in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
EB-6205S   EB-6205S: Los impactos del riego de cítricos en el Valle del Río Grande
EB-6209   EB-6209: How Much Does That Incinerator Cost?
EB-6212   EB-6212: Biosecurity for Sheep and Goat Producers
EB-6212S   EB-6212S: Bioseguridad para productores de ganado ovino y caprino
EB-6213   EB-6213: Biosecurity Practices for Dairy Operations
EB-6213S   EB-6213S: Prácticas de bioseguridad en instalaciones para producción de lácteos
EB-6214   EB-6214: Best Management Practices for Equine Disease Prevention
EB-6214S   EB-6214S: Prácticas óptimas de manejo para la prevención de enfermedades equinas
EB-6215   EB-6215: Managing Insect Pests of Cacti and Other Succulents in Water-Efficient Landscapes
EB-6219   EB-6219: Water Issues in Texas: A Survey of Public Perceptions and Attitudes about Water
EB-6222   EB-6222: Estimating Grazeable Acreage for Cattle
EB-6229   EB-6229: Understanding and Installing Drainage Systems
EB-6230   EB-6230: After a Disaster: Information to Help You and Your Family Recover
EB-6234   EB-6234: Living with an Aerobic Treatment Unit and Spray Field
EB-6236   EB-6236: Keys to Profitable Flax Production in Texas
EB-6238   EB-6238: Plugging Abandoned Water Wells
EB-6239   EB-6239: Turfgrass Establishment for Texas
EB-6242   EB-6242: Parkland Dedication Ordinances in Texas: A Missed Opportunity?
EB-6243   EB-6243: The Impact of Ethanol in the Southern High Plains of Texas
EB-6246   EB-6246: Using Vegetative Filter Strips to Improve Water Quality
EB-6247   EB-6247: Stormwater Management: Rain Gardens
EB-6249   EB-6249: Eagle Mountain Watershed Management
EB-6252   EB-6252: The Impact of the Dairy Industry in the Southern Ogallala Region
EBN-001   EBN-001: Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Program for Texas Agriculture
EBN-007   EBN-007: Advanced Application Techniques-Making the Most of Your Manure Responsibly
EBN-009   EBN-009: Rainwater Harvesting Activities for Youth Education
EBN-010   EBN-010: What is the Fate of Your Rainfall? Flip Chart
EBN-011   EBN-011: What is the Fate of Your Rainfall? Leader Guide
EBN-012   EBN-012: What is the Fate of Your Rainfall? Fact Sheet
EBN-013   EBN-013: Surge Flow Irrigation
EBN-015   EBN-015: Irrigation Timing During Drought: Corn, Cotton and Sorghum Furrow Systems
EBN-016   EBN-016: Ambient Air Quality in the Texas Panhandle
ECHE-1   ECHE-1: Quality Counts (curriculum and slide show)
ECOM-1-2.050   ECOM 1-2.050: Public Speaking 4-H Style
ED-1116   ED-1116: Plant/Forage Sample Information Form
ED-1449   ED-1449: What is Community Development?
ED-165   ED-165: Water Sample Information Form
ED-494B   ED-494B: Homeowner Soil Sample Information Form
EDL-034   EDL-034: TVMDL Flock Disease Management
EDL-035   EDL-035: TVMDL Answer the Call
EDL-036   EDL-036: TVMDL Salmonella Enteritis Testing
EDL-037   EDL-037: TVMDL Finding the Source of BVD
EDL-038   EDL-038: TVMDL Submitting Samples for Trich PCR
EDL-039   EDL-039: TVMDL Definitive Diagnosis of Crytosporidosis
EDL-040   EDL-040: TVMDL Photosensitization
EDL-041   EDL-041: TVMDL Keeping Cattle Hydrated and Healthy During a Drought
EDL-042   EDL-042: TVMDL A. Marginale Prevalent in Texas Cattle
EDL-043   EDL-043: TVMDL BVD Test Selection Guide
EDL-044   EDL-044: TVMDL Toxic Forages
EDL-045   EDL-045: TVMDL Test for Trich
EDL-046   EDL-046: TVMDL Trich PCR Testing- step-by-step
EDL-047   EDL-047: TVMDL Test for Trich with Smegma
EDL-048   EDL-048: TVMDL Collecting Blood to Perform Metabolic Profiling
EDL-049   EDL-049: TVMDL Tick Borne Relapsing Fever
EDL-050   EDL-050: Testing for Diagnosing Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease
EDL-051   EDL-051: TVMDL Chagas: Spreading the Deadly Kiss
EDL-051S   EDL-051S: TVMDL Chagas: Spreading the Deadly Kiss
EDL-052   EDL-052: TVMDL Confirming Cushing's
EDL-053   EDL-053: TVMDL Facts About Canine Influenza Virus
EDL-054   EDL-054: TVMDL Vaccine Titer Testing
EDL-055   EDL-055: TVMDL Diagnosing Feline Hyperthroidism With the Thyroid Panel 10
EDL-056   EDL-056: TVMDL Equine Strangles
EDL-057   EDL-057: TVMDL Lameness: Is a Joint Infection to Blame?
EDL-058   EDL-058: TVMDL The Facts on Equine Drug Testing
EDL-059   EDL-059: TVMDL Equine Influenza
EDL-059S   EDL-059S: TVMDL Equine Influenza
EDL-060   EDL-060: TVMDL Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction
EDL-060S   EDL-060S: TVMDL Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction-Spanish
EDL-061   EDL-061: Prepare for Breeding Season
EDL-061S   EDL-061S: Prepare for Breeding Season-Spanish
EDL-062   EDL-062: Pigeon Fever
EDL-063   EDL-063: Cantharadin Poisoning
EDL-063S   EDL-063S: Cantharadin Poisoning-Spanish
EDL-064   EDL-064: Equine Pre-Purchase Drug Screen
EDL-064S   EDL-064S: Equine Pre-Purchase Drug Screen-Spanish
EDL-065   EDL-065: West Nile Virus-Guidance for Veterinarians
EDL-066   EDL-066: Texas Vet Article: West Nile Virus in Texas: 2002-2016
EDL-067   EDL-067: Verify EIA Results Using a QR Scanner
EDL-068   EDL-068: Potential Client Packet
EDL-069   EDL-069: TVMDL New Client Packet
EDL-070   EDL-070: Prepared to Act
EDL-071   EDL-071: Providing Diagnostics to the International Veterinary Community
EDL-072   EDL-072: Record Rainfall Puts Animal Owners on High Alert
EDL-074   EDL-074: How to Assemble a practical Necropsy Field Kit
EDL-075   EDL-075: Know Before You Show
EDL-076   EDL-076: Protect the Show with Policy
EDL-077   EDL-077: FAQ: Sending Samples for Molecular Diagnostics
EDL-078   EDL-078: FAQ: Molecular Diagnostics Result Interpretion
EDL-079   EDL-079: Clinical Pathology Services
EDL-080   EDL-080: Proper Blood Smear Preparation
EDL-081   EDL-081: Therapeudic Drug Monitoring
EDL-082   EDL-082: Know Before You Show
EDL-083   EDL-083: Digital Cytology Services
EDL-084   EDL-084: Guide for Submitting Fungal Cultures
EDL-086   EDL-086: Equine Hair Sample Preparation
EDL-087   EDL-087: Fumonisin Facts
EDL-088   EDL-088: Blood Tube Reference Chart
EDL-089   EDL-089: Stemming the Spread
EDL-090   EDL-090: G6S FAQ
EDL-091   EDL-091: Proper CWD ELISA Packing Instructions
EDL-092   EDL-092: CWD: Sample Handling and Submission to TVMDL
EDL-093   EDL-093: Hemorrhagic Disease in Deer
EDL-094   EDL-094: Malignant Catarrhal Fever: Striking Domestic and Wild Herds Across the Globe - English
EDL-094S   EDL-094S: Malignant Catarrhal Fever: Striking Domestic and Wild Herds Across the Globe - Spanish
EFCS-2-1   EFCS 2-1: Clothing Capers
EFCS-2-2   EFCS 2-2: Clothes that Click
EFCS-002   EFCS-002: Insect Repellents
EFCS-002S   EFCS-002S: Insect Repellents
EFCS-003   EFCS-003: Health and Hygiene in Evacuation Centers
EFCS-003S   EFCS-003S: Health and Hygiene in Evacuation Centers
EFCS-004   EFCS-004: Basic First Aid
EFCS-004S   EFCS-004S: Spanish - Basic First Aid
EFCS-005   EFCS-005: Personal and Family Financial Records Inventory
EFN-047   EFN-047: Selling Honey in Texas
EFN-048   EFN-048: Grilling Outdoors Safely
EFN-049   EFN-049: Selling Yard Eggs in Texas
EFN-050   EFN-050: Selling Foods Made at Home: Texas Cottage Food Law
EFN-052   EFN-052: Healthy Food Demonstrations
EFN-053   EFN-053: Packaging and Storing Wild Game at Home
EFN-054   EFN-054: Identifying and Handling Spoiled/Unsafe Food After a Disaster
EFN-054S   EFN-054S: Identificación y manejo de alimentos y bebidas contaminadas después de un desastre
EFN-056   EFN-056: From Field to Plate: Benefits of Locally Harvested Wild Game in Texas and How to Keep it Safe
EFN-088   EFN-088: Food Safety Recommendations for Baked and Canned Food Entries
EFOR-1.000   EFOR 1.000: Texas 4-H Forestry Invitational Handbook
EHT-011   EHT-011: Texas Citrus Tree Values
EHT-012   EHT-012: Phosphorous Acid Products for Controlling Downy Mildew of Grapes
EHT-014   EHT-014: Easy Gardening: Ginger
EHT-014S   EHT-014S: Jardinería fácil: Jengibre
EHT-015   EHT-015: Easy Gardening: Sugar Snap Peas

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