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EFN-056   EFN-056: From Field to Plate: Benefits of Locally Harvested Wild Game in Texas and How to Keep it Safe
EFN-088   EFN-088: Food Safety Recommendations for Baked and Canned Food Entries
EFOR-1.000   EFOR 1.000: Texas 4-H Forestry Invitational Handbook
EHT-011   EHT-011: Texas Citrus Tree Values
EHT-012   EHT-012: Phosphorous Acid Products for Controlling Downy Mildew of Grapes
EHT-014   EHT-014: Easy Gardening: Ginger
EHT-014S   EHT-014S: Jardinería fácil: Jengibre
EHT-015   EHT-015: Easy Gardening: Sugar Snap Peas
EHT-015S   EHT-015S: Jardinería fácil: Guisantes Dulces
EHT-016   EHT-016: High Tunnels for Crop Production in Texas
EHT-017   EHT-017: Texas Fruit and Nut Production: Apples
EHT-018   EHT-018: Texas Fruit and Nut Production: Avocados
EHT-019   EHT-019: Texas Fruit and Nut Production: Figs
EHT-021   EHT-021: Texas Fruit and Nut Production: Olives
EHT-022   EHT-022: Texas Fruit and Nut Production: Peaches
EHT-023   EHT-023: Texas Fruit and Nut Production: Pears
EHT-024   EHT-024: Easy Gardening: Watering Your Vegetables
EHT-024S   EHT-024S: Jardinería Facil: Riego de Las Verduras
EHT-025   EHT-025: Easy Gardening: Tomatillo
EHT-025S   EHT-025S: Jardinería fácil: Tomatillos
EHT-026   EHT-026: Easy Gardening: Sweet Potato
EHT-026S   EHT-026S: Jardinería fácil: Camote
EHT-027   EHT-027: Cost of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks for Vegetable Producers
EHT-029   EHT-029: Specialty Crops for High Tunnel Production in Texas
EHT-030   EHT-030: 10 Steps to Vegetable Garden Success
EHT-031   EHT-031: Guidelines for Conducting Extension Vegetable Trials
EHT-032   EHT-032: Easy Gardening: Cilantro
EHT-032S   EHT-032S: Jardinería fácil: Cilantro
EHT-033   EHT-033: Easy Gardening: Cucumbers
EHT-033S   EHT-033S: Jardinería fácil: Pepinos
EHT-034   EHT-034: Easy Gardening: Melons
EHT-034S   EHT-034S: Jardinería fácil: Melones
EHT-035   EHT-035: Easy Gardening: Carrots
EHT-035S   EHT-035S: Jardinería facíl: Zanahorias
EHT-036   EHT-036: Easy Gardening: Eggplant
EHT-036S   EHT-036S: Jardinería fácil: Berenjena
EHT-037   EHT-037: Easy Gardening: Onions
EHT-037S   EHT-037S: Jardinería fácil: Cebollas
EHT-038   EHT-038: Easy Gardening: Peppers
EHT-038S   EHT-038S: Jardinería fácil: Pimientos Y Chiles
EHT-039   EHT-039: Easy Gardening Rosemary
EHT-039S   EHT-039S: Jardinería fácil: Romero
EHT-040   EHT-040: Easy Gardening: Spinach and Other Greens
EHT-040S   EHT-040S: Jardinería fácil: Espinacas
EHT-041   EHT-041: Easy Gardening: Squash
EHT-041S   EHT-041S: Jardinería fácil: Calabacitas
EHT-042   EHT-042: Easy Gardening: Radishes
EHT-042S   EHT-042S: Jardinería fácil: Rábanos
EHT-043   EHT-043: Easy Gardening: Tomatoes
EHT-043S   EHT-043S: Jardinería fácil: Tomates
EHT-044   EHT-044: Easy Gardening: Sweet Corn
EHT-044S   EHT-044S: Jardinería fácil: Maíz Dulce
EHT-047   EHT-047: Production Guide for Texas-Grown Strawberries
EHT-048   EHT-048: Protecting Landscapes and Horticultural Crops from Frosts and Freezes
EHT-049   EHT-049: Crape Myrtle Bark Scale: A New Exotic Pest
EHT-050   EHT-050: Easy Gardening: Beets
EHT-050S   EHT-050S: Jardinería fácil: Remolacha
EHT-051   EHT-051: Easy Gardening: Collards
EHT-051S   EHT-051S: Jardinería fácil: Col Rizada
EHT-052   EHT-052: Easy Gardening: Composting to Kill Weed Seeds
EHT-052S   EHT-052S: Jardinería fácil: Elaboración de Compost Para Exterminar Semillas de Malezas
EHT-053   EHT-053: Easy Gardening: Dill
EHT-053S   EHT-053S: Jardinería fácil: Eneldo
EHT-054   EHT-054: Easy Gardening: Disease Control
EHT-054S   EHT-054S: Jardinería fácil: Control De Enfermedades
EHT-055   EHT-055: Everything Texans Ask About Gardening
EHT-056   EHT-056: Fall Vegetable Gardening Guide
EHT-057   EHT-057: Easy Gardening: Green Beans
EHT-057S   EHT-057S: Jardinería fácil: Frijoles Verdes
EHT-058   EHT-058: Easy Gardening: Okra
EHT-058S   EHT-058S: Jardinería fácil: Quingombó
EHT-061   EHT-061: Easy Gardening: Turnip and Mustard Greens
EHT-061S   EHT-061S: Jardinería fácil: Nabos and Mostaza
EHT-062   EHT-062: Vegetable Gardening in Containers
EHT-064   EHT-064: What Makes Tomato Leaves Twist or Curl?
EHT-064S   EHT-064S: ¿Qué hace que las hojas del tomate se doblen o enrollen?
EHT-065   EHT-065: Easy Gardening Artichokes
EHT-065S   EHT-065S: Jardinería fácil: Alcachoras
EHT-066   EHT-066: Easy Gardening: Asparagus
EHT-066S   EHT-066S: Jardinería fácil: Espárragos
EHT-067   EHT-067: Easy Gardening: Cole Crops
EHT-067S   EHT-067S: Jardinería fácil: Cultivo De Coles
EHT-068   EHT-068: Easy Gardening: Irish Potato
EHT-068S   EHT-068S: Jardinería fácil: Papas
EHT-069   EHT-069: Easy Gardening: Composting
EHT-069S   EHT-069S: Jardinería fácil: Compostaje
EHT-070   EHT-070: Easy Gardening: Fertilizing
EHT-070S   EHT-070S: Jardinería fácil: Fertilización
EHT-071   EHT-071: Easy Gardening: Harvesting and Handling
EHT-071S   EHT-071S: Jardinería fácil: Cosecha, manejo y almacenamiento de vegetales
EHT-072   EHT-072: Easy Gardening: Insect Control
EHT-072S   EHT-072S: Jardinería fácil: Control de insectos
EHT-073   EHT-073: Easy Gardening: Mulching
EHT-073S   EHT-073S: Jardinería fácil: El mantillo
EHT-074   EHT-074: Easy Gardening: Planning
EHT-074S   EHT-074S: Jardinería fácil: Cómo planear un huerto
EHT-075   EHT-075: Easy Gardening: Planting
EHT-075S   EHT-075S: Jardinería fácil: La siembra
EHT-076   EHT-076: Easy Gardening: Soil Preparation
EHT-076S   EHT-076S: Jardinería fácil: Preparación del suelo
EHT-077   EHT-077: Texas Home Vegetable Gardening Guide
EHT-078   EHT-078: Building a Raised Bed Garden
EHT-078S   EHT-078S: Construcción de arriates elevados
EHT-079   EHT-079: Growing Herbs in Texas
EHT-079S   EHT-079S: Cultívando híerbas en Texas
EHT-080   EHT-080: Spinach Weed Control for Texas
EHT-083   EHT-083: Ten Ways to Make Your Landscape Earth-Kind
EHT-087   EHT-087: Soil Solarization
EHT-088   EHT-088: Reducing Seawater Flood Damage to Vegetable Plants
EHT-094   EHT-094: Herbs for Texas Landscapes
EHT-095   EHT-095: Harvest Gains From Intercropping
EHT-096   EHT-096: Proper Handling of Pesticide Containers
EHT-101   EHT-101: Green June Beetle in Texas
EHT-103   EHT-103: Alternative Hosts of Crapemyrtle Bark Scale
EHT-105   EHT-105: Cost of Constructing a Metal Hoop High Tunnel
EHT-106   EHT-106: New Crapemyrtle Cultivars
EHT-108   EHT-108: Jujube
EHT-109   EHT-109: Grow More Basil Faster with Cuttings
EHT-110   EHT-110: Basil from Cuttings: Higher Yields, Earlier to Market
EHT-111   EHT-111: Understanding Wine Fining
EHT-112   EHT-112: Grape Profile: Muscadines
EHT-113   EHT-113: Grape Variety Profile: Blanc Du Bois
EHT-114   EHT-114: Grape Variety Profile: Victoria Red
EHT-115   EHT-115: Grape Variety Profile: Lomanto
EHT-116   EHT-116: Grapevine Propagation
EHT-117   EHT-117: Grape Variety Profile: Tempranillo
EHT-118   EHT-118: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in High pH Wine
EHT-119   EHT-119: Grape Variety Profile: Black Spanish
EHT-120   EHT-120: Grape Variety Profile: Champanel
EHT-121   EHT-121: Choosing a Trellis System for Wine Grapes in Texas
EHT-122   EHT-122: Anthracbose (Elsinoe ampelina) in Grapes
EHT-123   EHT-123: Pruning Dormant Grapevines
EHT-124   EHT-124: Factsheet - Cucumber
EHT-125   EHT-125: Factsheet - Spinach
EHT-126   EHT-126: Factsheet - Onions
EHT-127   EHT-127: Factsheet - Peppers
EHT-128   EHT-128: Factsheet - Carrots
EHT-129   EHT-129: Factsheet - Potatoes
EHT-130   EHT-130: Factsheet - Cole Crops
EHT-131   EHT-131: Factsheet - Corn
EHT-132   EHT-132: Factsheet - Green Beans
EHT-133   EHT-133: Factsheet - Tomatoes
EIMS-001   EIMS-001: AIMS Online Annual Subscription - One Teacher Progrgram
EIMS-002   EIMS-002: AIMS Online Annual Subscription - Two Teacher Program
EIMS-003   EIMS-003: AIMS Online Annual Subscription - Three Teacher Program
EIMS-004   EIMS-004: AIMS Online Annual Subscription - Four Teacher Program
EIMS-005   EIMS-005: AIMS Online Annual Subscription - Five Teacher Program
EL-1247   EL-1247: The Home Broiler Flock
EL-1664   EL-1664: Curing and Smoking Poultry
EL-1742   EL-1742: Bed Bugs
EL-1742S   EL-1742S: Chinches domesticas
EL-1812   EL-1812: Elm Leaf Beetle
EL-1826   EL-1826: Carpenter Bees
EL-1901   EL-1901: Managing Skunk Damage
EL-1902   EL-1902: Managing Raccoon Damage
EL-1904   EL-1904: Managing Pocket Gopher Damage
EL-1905   EL-1905: Managing Mole Damage
EL-1906   EL-1906: Managing Armadillo Damage
EL-1907   EL-1907: Managing Opossum Damage
EL-1908   EL-1908: Trapping Coyotes
EL-1909   EL-1909: Controlling Ground Squirrel Damage
EL-1910   EL-1910: Controlling Cottontail and Jackrabbit Damage
EL-1911   EL-1911: Managing Beaver Damage
EL-1912   EL-1912: Snakes and Their Control
EL-1913   EL-1913: Controlling Bats in Urban Areas
EL-1914   EL-1914: Controlling Tree Squirrels in Urban Areas
EL-1915   EL-1915: Wildlife Services
EL-1916   EL-1916: Managing Rats and Mice
EL-1917   EL-1917: Managing Coyotes With Snares
EL-1918   EL-1918: Managing Nutria Damage
EL-1919   EL-1919: Managing Feral Pigeons
EL-1920   EL-1920: Controlling House Sparrows
EL-1921   EL-1921: Controlling Roosting Birds in Urban Areas
EL-1922   EL-1922: Controlling Woodpecker Damage
EL-1923   EL-1923: Managing Badger Damage
EL-1924   EL-1924: Wildlife Diseases
EL-1925   EL-1925: Managing Feral Hog Damage
EL-2150   EL-2150: Avoiding Calving Problems
EL-2282   EL-2282: Proper Usage of Drugs and Chemicals in Food Animals
EL-2291   EL-2291: Implanting Beef Calves and Stocker Cattle
EL-2333   EL-2333: Common Cattle Parasites
EL-2335   EL-2335: Use of Preventative and Therapeutic Drugs in Show Market Animals
EL-262   EL-262: Sealing Ponds and Lakes with Bentonite
EL-5004   EL-5004: Prepare Meat and Poultry Safely
EL-5051   EL-5051: Breeding Soundness of Bulls
EL-5063   EL-5063: Using a Slide in Beef Cattle Marketing
EL-5070S   EL-5070S: El método de dos pasos de Texas
EL-5071   EL-5071: Being Prepared to Borrow
EL-5076   EL-5076: Irradiation of Raw Poultry
EL-5084   EL-5084: Freeze Branding Horses
EL-5088   EL-5088: Enjoy Poultry Meat Safely
EL-5090   EL-5090: Freezing Poultry for Home Use
EL-5094   EL-5094: Monitoring Internal Parasite Infection in Small Ruminants
EL-5102   EL-5102: Perennial Weed Control During Fallow Periods in the Texas High Plains
EL-5146   EL-5146: Syrup Sorghums for Texas
EL-5147   EL-5147: Correcting Nitrogen Deficiencies in Cotton with Urea-Based Products
EL-5148   EL-5148: Keys to Canola Production in South Texas
EL-5155   EL-5155: Correcting Iron Deficiencies in Grain Sorghum
EL-5156   EL-5156: Using Petiole Analysis for Nitrogen Management in Cotton
EL-5158   EL-5158: Producing Early-Maturity (Group IV) Soybeans on the Texas Gulf Coast

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