IMS-0414: USDA Poultry Grading Manual
IMS-0414: USDA Poultry Grading Manual

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USDA Poultry Grading Manual (USDA) (AH-31) Revised April 1998. Includes full-color photos. Includes guidelines for uniform application of the US Department of Agriculture classes, standards, and grades of poultry. Although designed to aid poultry graders, the information is useful to those teaching poultry grading, poultry marketing, and the poultry industry. Along with information on classes, standards, and grades of poultry, topics covered include the voluntary poultry grading program and grading of poultry for compliance with special purchase requirements. Information on grading live poultry is included for use with judging teams and agriculture classes. The contents can serve as a course outline for a poultry grading school. Other resource materials related to poultry grading are also listed. (32 pages)